Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Revolution

As your most central facial feature, your nose is critical for achieving symmetry and balance.
The REVONose® facial bone surgery concept has been borne out of the experience of more than 1,200 rhinoplasty procedures and our passion for safe, predictable and precise cosmetic surgeries optimise your appearance.


Investment in the latest 3D technologies facilitates predictable, reliable and natural results.


The use of ultrasonic scalpels has been the standard for nasal osteotomies since 2015 and increases precision while minimising post-surgical effects.


REVONose® has been internationally recognised by the scientific community as a leading technique for rhinoplasty facial bone surgery.

REVONose®, Elevating Rhinoplasty Excellence with Precision

The REVONose® facial bone surgery concept is an innovative rhinoplasty technique developed by our highly experienced surgical team. The ultrasonic methodology enables the most precise, targeted tissue-sculpting and reduces bleeding and swelling during and after surgery. Meanwhile, the introduction of fibrin-rich plasma from your own blood accelerates your healing and recovery. Our unique technique also protects areas prone to collapse as we reinforce them with cartilage grafts to keep them intact.

Explore the possibilities of REVONose®:

  • Tip refinement
  • Nasal bone narrowing
  • Nostril narrowing

What to expect from your facial bone surgery

REVONose® is a cutting-edge facial bone surgery method developed by Skullpture following more than 1,200 rhinoplasty surgeries since 2015. Most procedures are performed under general anaesthesia. In some cases, it may be possible to use a combination of local anaesthesia and sedation.

No two clients are the same and your bespoke surgical plan will be based on your individual desires and expectations for treatment. We will determine the best modifications to help you achieve a nose that you can feel confident about, while paying close attention to balance and symmetry across your wider facial features.

We use the latest 3D scans in our meticulous planning, and these are used to make precise cutting guides which ensure maximum accuracy and predictable results.

REVONose® Results

With REVONose, rhinoplasty recovery is often quicker than with conventional techniques, with most clients returning to school or work within a week of their procedure. Allow up to three weeks for the bruising to fade, and several months for the swelling to ease and any asymmetry to correct. After two months, you’ll be able to resume all activities as your bones will have healed completely.

REVONose® is a unique rhinoplasty concept that seeks to predictably augment your nose to address concerns that you may have with your appearance, while also creating balance with your other facial features, bringing your inner beauty to the forefront.

The procedure

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