Invisible Adam’s Apple Surgery

TContour® is an innovative new invisible surgery technique that reduces the prominence of the Adam’s Apple without compromising its integrity or leaving visible scarring.


Investment in the latest 3D technologies ensures predictable, reliable and natural results.


Hidden incisions mean the scar is as invisible as possible, while steps are taken to avoid tissue adhesions and protect your voice.


TContour® has been internationally recognised by the scientific community as a pioneering facial bone surgery technique for Adam’s Apple surgery.

TContour®, Seamless Elegance in Adam’s Apple Surgery

Backed by more than 500 thyroid cartilage reductions and scientific articles published in leading journals worldwide, our experienced team has developed a technique that uses ultrasound instruments designed specifically for removing hard cartilage while avoiding surrounding structures so that they remain untouched.

Invisible Adam’s Apple surgery can transform your front and side profile, creating clean lines that maximise your confidence.

Key benefits of TContour® include:

  • Reducing the size and visibility of your Adam’s Apple;
  • Minimal scarring;
  • Avoiding tissue adhesions which cause unusual skin movement when swallowing;
  • Protect your voice.

What to expect from your facial bone surgery

TContour® is a technique developed by Skullpture following more than 750 tracheal shave procedures and 14 years of experience. TContour® is performed under general anesthetic, which means you’ll have any discomfort during your procedure.

TContour® reduces the most prominent part of your thyroid cartilage. This is done via a 2cm microincision, carefully made in a crease hidden under the chin. A tiny tunnel to the thyroid cartilage provides access for our team to augment it using the most suitable technique to attain the desired effect.

TContour® Results

Despite the subtleness of this surgery, patients can expect remarkable results. Some changes may be visible immediately after surgery as swelling can vary from day to day. It can take several months for the soft tissues to heal and settle, and for the final improvement to be seen.

TContour® is designed to minimise the prominence of the Adam’s Apple and create a smoother, sleeker neck contour that you feel comfortable with.

The procedure

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