Envisioning Forehead Surgery

FOREContour® is a pioneering facial bone surgery technique that pays exceptional attention to detail to create natural symmetry and smoothness in the forehead area. 


Investment in the latest 3D technologies ensures predictable, reliable and natural results.


Skullpture’s unique approach ensures hidden incisions within the scalp and no visible scarring.


FOREContour® has been internationally recognised by the scientific community as a cutting-edge facial bone surgery technique for forehead surgery.

FOREContour®, Achieving Equilibrium in Forehead Bone Surgery

Developed by our renowned team following more than 1,800 frontal reconstructions, and a method internationally recognised by the scientific community, FOREContour® sees our team undertaking anatomical and volumetric studies of your natural forehead using the latest 3D imaging diagnostics. These are used to determine how our precision surgery can be used to make cosmetic enhancements and create a bespoke 3D reconstruction of your forehead so that you can see what can be achieved.

FOREContour® uses the latest generation surgical instruments, which are designed specifically for this bone augmentation and enables hidden approaches within the scalp for no visible scarring.

If required, FOREContour® can be combined with excess hair follicle extraction. This makes it possible to receive hair graft transplants alongside your frontal reconstruction for added self-confidence. 

What to expect from your facial bone surgery

FOREContour® is a revolutionary facial bone surgery technique developed by Skullpture following more than 1,800 forehead reconstructions. Your procedure will be carried out under general anaesthetic, so that you won’t feel and remember anything from your surgery. 

Your bespoke surgical plan will be based on your individual requirements. The key elements of forehead facial bone surgery will normally involve surface shaping of the area, in addition to surgical reconstruction of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus. However, in conventional cosmetic surgery, this represents several challenges:

Surface shaping can cause unpredictable fragility of the bone structure and associated complications.

It can be difficult to smooth the transitional area between the nose and forehead.

Skullpture’s unique FOREContour® surgical concept overcomes these challenges and achieves a sculpted evolution of the forehead in three phases:

An incision is hidden in the hairline near the crown, eliminating unsightly scarring and enabling a natural lift of the forehead and eyebrows. This technique also permits for the removal of a strip of skin for hair follicle extraction so that simultaneous hair transplantation can be performed if required.

Once the surface contouring is complete, an osteotomy (a bone cut) is performed to extract the anterior wall of the frontal sinus. Careful hand-sculpting avoids perforation, while milling the entire brow bone and orbital region creates more open eye orbits. 

Titanium micro screws, mesh or plates are used to fix the frontal sinus bone plate in its evolved position. Any screw heads are removed so they cannot be seen or felt, and suturing of the incision is performed using a technique designed to promote hair growth for better coverage of the minimal scarring.

FOREContour® Results

Healing takes time. While you’ll certainly see some of the effects of your facial bone surgery immediately, it will take up to a year for all of the swelling to dissipate and the soft tissues to settle. You should see continued improvement during this time. 

FOREContour® is designed to create equilibrium in the upper third of your face, with a smooth forehead to nose transition and a more open eye expression. 

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