Evolutionary Orthognathic Surgery

ORTHOGNathic is an advanced surgical technique that enhances facial structure and dental occlusion by blending traditional orthognathic surgery with minimally invasive methods and mandibular contouring. This approach improves function and aesthetics, offering a comprehensive solution for correcting facial and jaw deformities.


Investment in the latest 3D technologies provides predictable, reliable and natural results.


Intra-oral incisions mean scarring is invisible to the naked eye.


ORTHOGNathic has been internationally recognised by the scientific community as a pioneering technique for the correction of facial bone deformities that affect the breathing or bite.

ORTHOGNathic, Ultimate Surgical Fusion of Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

Also referred to as maxillofacial sculpting, modern orthognathic surgery is a fusion of pioneering reconstruction technologies and the extensive skill and experience of our renowned team.

Virtual planning using specially designed software enables us to measure and stimulate each individual movement during the surgery. This mapping is used to create bespoke surgical templates with millimetric precision and accuracy that can be used to ensure predictability from the start.

ORTHOGNathic is a masterclass in advanced bone surgery at both functional and cosmetic levels, where the focus is on restoring proportions, symmetry and confidence in your appearance.

Potential achievements with ORTHOGNathic include:

  • Correction of retrognathia (short jaw) which can cause a convex facial profile, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and sleep apnoea;
  • Correction of prognathism (protruding jaw) where the lower jaw extends too far from the upper jaw, causing bite and cosmetic issues;
  • Minimising the appearance of an excessively large chin (hypermentonism);
  • Alteration of mandibular asymmetry (laterognatia).

What to expect from your facial bone surgery

ORTHOGNathic is a revolutionary facial bone surgery concept that has been developed and refined by our surgical team. Your procedure will be carried out using a general anaesthetic, enabling you to be asleep for the whole duration of your surgery.

Every ORTHOGNathic procedure is tailored to the unique needs and desires of our clients. Meeting with our team will give you an opportunity to discuss your hopes and expectations for treatment, while our investment in the latest diagnostic and imaging tools ensures we can plan your evolution with unrivalled accuracy and care.

Our methods are designed to protect key nerves to preserve feeling and function and ultimately reduce the risk of complications and side effects. Whenever possible, all incisions will be made inside the mouth to avoid any visible scarring.

ORTHOGNathic Results

As with any facial bone surgery, healing takes time and patience. The minimally invasive nature of our surgical techniques keeps wounds and the need for wound care to a minimum. However, swelling is a natural part of the healing process, whose duration may exceed several months before inflammation subsides and the final results are revealed.

ORTHOGNathic is a highly advanced approach to correcting the function and appearance of the mouth and jaw related to poor bone development or dental occlusion.

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