3D Precision in Jaw Surgery

JAWContour® redefines jaw surgery for the 21st century. This advanced facial bone surgery technique is backed by 14+ years of experience, combining minimally invasive surgery with ultrasound technology, 3D planning and scientific research. 


Investment in the latest 3D technologies promotes predictable, reliable and natural results.


Approaching surgery via the inside of the mouth enables precise and structured augmentation with no visible scarring.


JAWContour® has been internationally recognised by the scientific community as a leading example of sculpted bone surgery for the lower third of the face.

JAWContour®, Pioneering Advanced Jaw Surgery in the 21st Century

The JAWContour® facial bone surgery concept is rooted in deep expertise and experience. Our developed methodology enables us to augment the mandibular and chin with millimetric accuracy and precision, while approaching surgery from the inside of the mouth ensures no visible scarring to detract from predictable and reassuring results.

The primary goals of JAWContour® include:

  • Creating smaller jaw angles with a height reduction
  • Smoothing the outer contours of the jawline
  • Augmenting the projection and position of the chin

What to expect from your facial bone surgery

JAWContour® is a technique developed by Skullpture following more than 800 jaw surgeries over 14 years. Your procedure will be carried out under general anaesthetic, so that you won’t feel and remember anything from your surgery.

Your bespoke surgical plan will be based on your individual requirements. We will determine the ideal jaw modification for your particular case, whether a minor adjustment or a significant augmentation is required. Please note that JAWContour® does not involve your bite structure, which can be addressed with an alternative procedure, ORTHOGnathic surgery.

Going into the procedure, small incisions are made inside the mouth – inside the lower lip, and on both sides of the back molar teeth. These are used to access the jawbone and perform unique modifications to reveal your sculpted beauty. This method enables the inside of your mouth to remain primarily intact, protecting the mentonian nerve and reducing the likelihood of complications and side effects.

This three-level approach also permits suturing on different planes to minimise issues with tissue healing and accelerate your recovery. 

JAWContour® Results

The healing itself is a long process. While you’ll almost certainly see some of the effects of your facial bone surgery immediately, it will take up to a year for all of the swelling to dissipate and the soft tissues to settle completely. Gradually, you will notice improvement in your overall appearance in this timeframe.

JAWContour® is designed to carefully sculpt the lower third of your face, creating more defined mandibular angles and narrowing the width, while also adding contours that create flow and balance.  

The procedure

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