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Juan Pablo’s Advanced Facial Bone Surgery

Juan Pablo approached Skullpture to discuss the possibilities for facial bone surgery with our team of specialists. Based on his goals and the recommendations from our surgical team we came up with the following treatment plan:

First, JAWContour® was recommended, which is designed to carefully sculpt the lower third of his face, creating more defined mandibular angles and narrowing the width, while also adding contours that create flow and balance.

REVONose® is a unique rhinoplasty concept that seeks to predictably augment his nose to address concerns that he may had with his appearance, while also creating balance with his other facial features, bringing his inner beauty to the forefront.

Finally, Juan Pablo had ORTHOGNathic®, a highly advanced approach to correcting the function and appearance of the mouth and jaw related to poor bone development or dental occlusion.

His Carved Beauty Manifesto

Just after his surgery, Juan Pablo graciously shared his experience with Skullpture through a heartfelt written testimonial. We cherish these expressions from our patients and make it a priority to share these inspiring words with our wider audience. The profound impact of such testimonials can be invaluable for individuals contemplating facial bone surgery.

In addition to his written testimonial, we extended an invitation to Juan Pablo for an insightful interview. This interview provides a deeper understanding of his personal experience with Skullpture and how Facial Bone Surgery has positively transformed his life.

The empowering resonance of our patient stories serves as a powerful affirmation that our work goes beyond the surgical realm, making every effort and dedication truly worthwhile.


The surgery makes you much more self-confident, and that confidence changes you in every way: speaking to other people, looking for a job or communicating with colleagues.

Juan Pablo

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