Sculpting the Future of Oral and Facial Surgery

Advanced Facial Bone Surgery
Advanced Facial Bone Surgery

Advanced Facial Bone Surgery

Like a statue hidden beneath marble, your inner beauty is a work of art just waiting to be revealed.

Skullpture advanced facial bone surgery alters the most fundamental characteristics of your face to help you become the most confident and beautiful version of yourself.

Knowledge, mastery and skill sit alongside precision medical technology to ensure safety is paramount, while our developed-in house techniques provide highly predictable results.

Every face is unique, and every experience, from start to finish, is tailored to your individual needs, with exceptional care and attention to detail as a promise.

Advanced Facial Bone Surgery

What is your concern?

I have a masculine jawline

I have a sloping forehead

I have an aggressive look

I have an asymmetrical jaw/chin

I have an asymmetrical nose

I have an under/over bite

I have masculine eyebrows

My Adam’s Apple is too big

My Adam’s Apple is too masculine

My chin is too large

My eyes are too deep

My nose is too large

Envisioning Forehead Surgery
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3D Precision in Jaw Surgery
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Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Revolution
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Invisible Adam’s Apple Surgery
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Evolutionary Orthognathic Surgery
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Our methods

No advanced facial bone surgery is quite like Skullpture

After years of experience and thousands of surgeries, our dedicated and masterful team have developed our own, in-house advanced facial bone surgery concepts. These are based on virtual planning, 3D-guided surgery, the latest in instrumentology and state-of-the-art surgical techniques.

Operating at the apex of safety, predictability, and trust, Skullpture is an elite surgical experience like no other.

Welcome to the future of facial augmentation.

3D Precision in Jaw Surgery

JAWContour® redefines jaw surgery for the 21st century. This advanced method is backed by over 14 years of experience, combining minimally-invasive surgery with ultrasound technology, 3D planning and scientific research.

Envisioning Forehead Surgery

FOREContour is a pioneering surgical technique developed by our team to obtain a harmonious, symmetrical and natural shape in the forehead area. Prior to surgery, a detailed anatomical and volumetric study is conducted using 3D photographic diagnostics as well as a 3D reconstruction of the entire forehead area.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty Revolution

REVONose® is an avant-garde method of rhinoplasty, with the highest standards of safety and precision, factors that are crucial for an excellent long-term result.

Invisible Adam’s Apple Surgery

TContour® allows the reduction of the Adam’s Apple without compromising its structural integrity nor leaving visible scars.

TContour® is characterized by the use of ultrasonic instruments for the removal of especially hard cartilage, while avoiding any type of injury to the mucosa, muscle, nerves or blood vessels during the procedure.

Evolutionary Orthognathic Surgery

ORTHOGNathic is designed to address aesthetic and functional alterations of the face related to the incorrect development of bones or a poor dental occlusion.

Modern, minimally invasive orthognathic surgery, or maxillofacial sculpting, today counts on the support of new technologies.


Skullpture is backed by Facialteam, founded in 2010 by Dr. Luis Capitán and Dr. Daniel Simon, to meet the demand for Facial Feminisation Surgery. Our multidisciplinary team of surgeons has over 14 years of experience and has performed over 6000 Facial Bone Surgery procedures on its patients.

Our clinics in Marbella and Barcelona are equipped with the latest in technology and a staff of over 42 trained professionals in facial healthcare.

Skullpture team

Observe the Evolution

Our Evolve gallery shows raw, unedited images taken from real patients, before and after their Skullpture facial bone surgery.


I feel very good and fantastic. My impression about the team is that they are very capable and pleasant people. They make you feel unbelievably safe.

Norullah, FOREContour®

Bring your natural beauty into being


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