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Evolutionary Orthognathic Surgery

Sheila’s Advanced Facial Bone Surgery

Sheila contacted Skullpture to discuss the possibilities of Facial Bone Surgery with our team of specialists. Based on her goals and the recommendations of our surgical team, we developed the following treatment plan:

First, JAWContour® was recommended, which is designed to carefully sculpt the lower third of her face, creating more defined jaw angles and narrowing the width, while adding contours that create fluidity and balance.

He also underwent ORTHOGNathic, a highly advanced approach to correcting the function and appearance of the mouth and jaw related to poor bone development or dental occlusion.

ORTHOGNathic is designed to treat aesthetic and functional alterations of the face related to improper bone development or dental malocclusion.

Modern minimally invasive orthognathic surgery, or maxillofacial sculpting, is today supported by new technologies. Together with the extensive experience of our team of professionals, Skullpture provides comprehensive treatment to our patients, both functionally and esthetically.

With the help of specifically designed software, we measure and simulate all the movements to be performed during surgery. This virtual planning is transferred to obtain surgical templates, or cutting guides for millimetric precision in bone osteotomies.

In this way, we can also avoid errors in surgery. The goal is to obtain optimal dental occlusion, greater symmetry and minimize complications both during and after surgery.

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